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how can fix my countax c400h?

My countax c400h has been dormant fro a while. I have recharged the battery and changed the fuel. I sit on the mower and turn the key, i get one click and nothing else. what is the next thing i should do, and please no abreviations or the like as i am a user not a pro. thanks for any help.

June 2013
Check the obvious first - have you got your foot on the brake (or parking brake engaged)? If not, the starter won't engage. The click you are hearing is probably the fuel shut-off relay (on the carburettor).


Phil Saunders
June 2013
When you say you recharged the batery- what exactly did that intail? Have you actually assed that it is fully charged and holding the charge? Or simply stuck it on a charger for a few hours and assumed it's taking a charge? What charge is it showing....have you got a drop tester?

June 2013
A starter motor takes too much current for a small ignition switch to manage - so the ignition switch activates a relay (the click you hear).

I think you should check the integrity of the connections between the battery - the starter relay (that clicks) and the starter motor itself and the earth return path from the starter motor.

After that you should begin to suspect the relay and or the starter motor.

June 2013


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