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How can I fix my VOIP?

How can I fix my VOIP? I have a MTA VT1000 attached to a Netgear router in my home network. I can hear calls but can't speak to the caller. No outgoing audio at all.

November 2006
Some silly answers who havnt read the question. It looks to me like your phone isnt configured correctley, who ever your VoIP service providor is, you need to find out what there proxy server is and configure this into the VoIP phone. This should eliminate the 1 way voice problam.

May 2008
I agree with Ravi, I had the same problem setting up my VOIP service, routers now a days have Firewalls as a part of it, depending on the manufacturer there is a was to access it by typing an IP address on your web brwoser, you can try or, but like I said it depends on the router the way you are going to log in to it, when you have this step done you can add you router to a DMZ (demilitarized zone is called) which will keep the router outside of the firewall, more likely you are using DHCP on the router so if you go to the DHCP client secction it will show the name of the computer (s) you are using and the IP address for the router should be just a number (I.E. chek your router manual or contact your ISP for instructions in how to add that address to your DMZ, it will work just fine after this step.

January 2007
I think you have firewall issue on your router blocking incoming traffic. Setup port forwarding for your MTA VT1000 device or config your voip account with their nat or stun settings.

January 2007
I don't think that's the answer as you are plugged into a router not a PC. Sounds like it just broke and you need a new one. (This kind of stuff canr really be fixed.) In the UK you could probably get your money back under the various Sale of Goods Acts.

December 2006
Could be the settings for your sound card.
Go into control panel and look for the 'Sounds and audio devices' icon. Open that and look at the 'Audio' tab. Under the sound recording section try changing to one of the other available options until you find one that works. If that doesnt work try un installing the software for the phone and starting again.

December 2006


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