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dosent work at night?

i have bmw auto works fine by day in D gear wen night comes i use N gear wont go why this..

October 2013
sounds like you may have dodgy nerksplunger or your blugscrammel is loose.twat it with a hammer this should help.

October 2013
Is that a JOKE ???

If it's NOT a joke, then how in hell did you manage to get your driving licence? By the way, I have some farm land in Antartica that I need to let go. Are you interested? You may also be interested in a superb condo on the Tranquility Sea. Very calm and guaranteed bright sun all day and stary sky at night.

Get real !

October 2013
BMW are aware of this issue and will be doing a recall.Any customers with this issue should report to their nearest dealer for ridicule

old jokes are best
October 2013


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