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Scratches on high gloss worktop?

How can I get scratches and a score out of high gloss worktop

Irene mcinnes
January 2014
There is no way,you can reduce it slightly by buffing it with car T-Cut polish or toothpaste,Brasso also works very well,it is very slow and laborious and you need lots of old t-shirts and albow grease.If you as much as drag a cup or plate across the surface it will leave fresh scratches.You can disguise by wiping the surface with a lightly oiled kitchen towel but you have to do this after every wipe down and don't let food come into direct contact with the surface.A large Scandinavian furniture store sells a bottle of oil for work surfaces,I think it is called 'Skid' (no connection at all with the company) But you're stuck with it,even worse if the tops are black.Good luck.

Rich t
January 2014

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