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Minivator 950 not charging?

We have a minivator 950 which we have installed it was working when we pick it up but we took the chair off and now it won't charge it was showing error code 2 for not charging i have stripped it down and looking down the track there is no brushes i've got to brass fittings with a square hole one for positive and one the negitive i take it the brushes just fit in to the brass units to charge the stairlift and we would need to get new brushes so could anyone confirm to me that it is the brushes and where is best tom order them from.


sean morris
August 2014
Are there one or two charge brushes ?

Eric Thacker
April 2020
Your brush has snapped that connects to the copper strip running up the entire track going at 33v

March 2019
Minivator 950 (Simplicity series) battery flat, so replaced it, but it still doesn't work, is there a fault that drains the battery?This is the second new battery in the last 3 months. My father is 94, do hope someone can advise me. Thanks

February 2016
Not sure sorry but buy my spares from "stairlift spares" just google. Yep seriously thats what he called lol.

October 2014


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