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Hi an ex friend rooted my phone without me knowing they can now remotely access my phone at anytime via a pc and help themselves to any info they like I have tried everything to unroot but with no luck my security has picked up three virus names but cant remove them they are called no1 is a.payment.cola.a no2 a.system.yingsi.b and no3 is a.privacy.Ikospy.a it gives a brief description ofwhat each virus can do like voice and video recordings read passwords info that nosey people shouldn't have so any help would be truly appreciated please and thanks people.

September 2015
So; you want us to suggest how to unroot a mobile phone but, fo rcome reason, you decided we didn't need to know what the make or the model was - hell, even whether it is an Android, Windows, iPhone or something else entirely!!!

On the face of what you describe, I guess you own (but don't know how to use) an Android phone.

Let's say it is a Samsung S3: Why not simply start with a Google search for "samsung s3 unroot"

Then check you understand all the steps involved BEFORE you do anything.

You could even sign up to the relevant make/model forum at or

They may even be able to help you remove the infection, which appears to be Payment Cola.

You've got some learning to do
September 2015


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