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I have a Ferroli domicondens he 26 c heating not working?

I have a Ferroli domicondens he 26 c the hot water still works but the hearings not even if you over ride it to on. The pressure says its at 1bar. But I desperatly need to fix it as I have a 3 week old baby and it is very cold. Any advice greatly appreciated.

February 2016
Manual here:

Heating is controlled by
1) a clock and
2) a room thermostat.

Is the clock calling for heating?
Is the room thermostat calling for heating?

It is possible to override the thermostat with a link in the right terminals. See page 6, fig 10 in the manual. The thermostat should be connected as the switch marked "72" on the diagram, to terminals 5 and 6

Heating water is driven round the house by a pump. Can you hear if the pump is running whilst the clock and thermostat are calling for heat?

I rather think you will need a techie qualified to work on gas apopliances, I'm aftraid.

Good Luck
February 2016

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