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how do i fix my van?

My citroen bellingo van wont start, ive put in a second hand engine, fitted all the Ancillary fittings from my old engine as they are synchronised with the old ecu, ive set the timing, there's fuel at thr injectors, it turns over but wont start, if anyone can help please post, thanks

February 2016
hmm replacement engine....Is it the correct engine?there are many vehicles with very simular engines with subtle differences. are you using your original injector pump and wiring loom?
Was the engine seen running prior to purchase? If you havent seen it run, assume it could be dud, check compression to start as its relitively quick n easy to do. you can rent compression testers from some autofactors. check ALL electrical connections including the earth strap to the inlet manifold!!

February 2016

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