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step by step instuction on how to remove matrix from citroen 2005 HDI ?

Hi i have removed the bottom of dash to the point were i saw retaining nuts of heater box , slackened off but no movement i am now stuck for wot to do next ,please HELP if any one can. SORRY ITS A RELAY

February 2016

See also here

from which I found this:

"merlys, Conwy Citroen Relay

"want to change heater matrik ,started to dismantle dash,do i need to do this to get to matrix ?thanks


"If you have the 2006 onwards Relay then yes Merlys, you do. This is quite a time consuming task... you'll need to strip the dash completely, and remove the dashboard crossmember... remove the heater unit to get access to the matrix. If you give your e-mail address I'll send you the Citroen workshop diagrams. R Evans from Caerphilly

"thanks r evans from caerphilly mine is a 2005 will that make any differance merlys from Conwy

"Will see what I got R Evans from Caerphilly

"Merlys... same procedure for your Relay II, but you may not need to remove the crossmember (I don't know).. Assuming you have the right hand drive, your heater matrix is part number 6448-G0. You ought to consider replacing the gasket which is part number 6448-C5. I have the parts diagrams but not the step by step process. R Evans from Caerphilly"

February 2016

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