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Fisher & Paykel GWL11US?

My GWL 11 is showing code 49 and will not reset. I replaced the fill solenoids and the water blending tank that they are attached to. Solenoids check out at 64 ohms. Washer was running, but got out of balance. When I checked on it the pump was draining. I also pulled the pump to assure it was not obstructed. Now all I get are beeps with code 49. I might mention that the small float switch at the blending tank had broken loose and spilled a minimal amount of water. Any suggestion As to what I might check next?

September 2016
Fault code 49 means the control board is getting a bad reading from the cold water valve circuit. Can be caused by a bad inlet valve but you have already replaced them. Can be a bad connection but most likely to be a fault on the main control board. You have already replaced 3 parts that weren't needed to be replaced by just guessing and spent money not needed. Suggest you get someone out to test and check it properly. If you buy & fit a new board yourself then F&P won't give you a warranty.

Lincoln Appliance NZ
September 2016

September 2016

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