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Replace joystick on Stannah Stairlift?

The joystick on our Stannah stair lift requires replacing as it only intermittently works.
The difficulty have is how to remove the cushioning on the chair arm to gain access to the switch.
There are 4 plastic screws on the arm, I have unscrewed those but still unable to take off the cover do I also have to remove the plastic inserts into which the screws are screwed into.
I have not forced anything as do not want to damage it

October 2016
So you managed to sort it out for yourself then, good for you.

At last someone with a brain.
October 2016
Hi all
Well I managed to sort this out myself. Well to be honest a friend called round & he worked it out.
You do indeed need to remove the plastic inserts I referred to, they are basically plaster board plugs.
If you are not sure what a plasterboard plug is just enter plasterboard plug into your web browser, it will come up with loads of pictures.
I just carefully prized out with a thin scrapper so as not to damage anything. The joystick just needed snapping back together & tightening up.

October 2016


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