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My BOSE sound cuts in and out. ?

I have one of the original BOSE CD players. Recently I disconnected the AUX cables from the BOSE that were connected to the Sirius/XM receiver. I put them back a few days later, but the AUX sound cuts in and out. The Sirius/XM read-out indicates that a full signal is reaching the equipment. NOTE - when I removed them, it was an awful struggle. Perhaps I loosened something? Can I fix it? I know very little and have only basic equipment. How much would a minor repair like this be? Thanks for your time.

November 2016
Are you sure its not just a duff cable?

Can you swap the cable for a known good one? Or even, if its one of those cables with 2 plugs at each end, change both plugs over ta both ends and see if the problem moves to the other channel: problems moves - duff cable.

Its possible you have cracked a solder joint where one of the connectors joins to the circuit board, whilst struggling with a tight plug. That should be a simple fix BUT it will means dismantling the unit to get to the board. Do you have a techie friend with a soldering iron and the ability to us eit?

November 2016


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