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What capacitor for a belle mini cement mixer 140 ?

Hi how do I know what capacitor to get for my belle mini mixer model 140 and is a 110 volt

January 2017

They may also be able to help with questions if you contact them.

Surprised you didn't come across these people when you did those first few searches for yourself before coming here - it took me all of 40 seconds.

January 2017
Hi had the capacitors checked and both ok could it be the motor gone on the cement mixer

January 2017
You find the capacitor and read what's written on the case.

Use Google and select images - enter start run capacitor - look at the pictures - then when you know what it might look like - find it on your mixer and record the details and take a picture of the wiring or draw a diagram.

Then go to Amazon and buy yourself a new one - under £10.
Micro Farads (uF) the important rating - operating voltage either the same or higher - not lower.

I am only guessing that your issue is with the machine's capacitor - I offer the suggestion because it's the easiest and cheapest fix - if it's the motor then that will cost much more.

Looks like 25uF -

There is no warranty expressed or implied in this answer.

Continuing Good Luck...
January 2017


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