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Technic Hi Fi ??

Can any one help i have a Technics DV280 STACK HI-FI SYSTEM
and the dvd player has stopped working i.e not playing the disc. Also not playing music cd's
Is there any way i can fix this as still a good hi fi

Any help will be greatly appreciate thanks

May 2017
It's a bit late only just looked in adding that in case you are still looking for solutions.

MY thoughts are BELT drive I had a music centre with same thing the disc would not turn took it apart and it was the drive pulley belt (thin rubber ring) had broken so the drive was going but not the Disc replaced with eleastic band. (Some belts stretch too so drive slips)
Remember never stop a spinning disc let it stop on its own as stopping by hand can also damage drive.

bob uk
June 2017


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