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Error code E1?

Error e1, how can I fix it?

March 2018
An E1 fault can mean a few different things depending on which appliance it is we’re refering to.. you need to post the make and model (it’s probably a baxi or potterton, main) is it flasing on and off and alternating with another number or just flashing e1? Ignore ‘mystic megs’ blind diagnosis as altho it may turn out correct it’s by luck and not skill. A true diagnosis can only be made using the correct codes for your specific model of boiler.

Phill Dee
March 2018
I'm psychic. That's your boiler reporting an E1 error code. Condensate pipe was probably frozen. Either you defrosted it or the warmer weather has done it for you.

Resetting the boiler after unblocking the condensate pipe gets you back on track.

March 2018
Start by telling what it is that E1 appears on - we aren't psychic

March 2018


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