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unwanted emails?

One for the PC buffs! Yes I know its hot a repair question except to repair my sanity receiving unwanted emails from pets club I never signed up to, and I lost my dog to cancer.

After sending sevaral emails to them to stop they tell me they cancelled my email address from their system in January but due to a bug emails were still being sent. True, false, or admin cockup.
Outlook account PC operates on Windows7 technical goes 'over my head'
Many thanks

April 2018
It CAN be a genuine bug. If that's the case, then, another removal request should resolve the problem, but only if the bug have been corrected.

Some other possibilities are :
The other person, not getting his e-mails, keeps on mistakenly signing up with your e-mail address. Your e-mail address is removed, only to be re-entered by that other person. Real possibility as at least 3 other peoples, in 2 countries, keep on entering my Gmail address instead of their own.

They may have a very serious problem with their system that prevent them from effectively removing your address.

They may use a third party mass e-mail service, and that service is poorly maintained, or have some shady dealing with some SPAMMer...

May 2018
Sorry but your answers do not relate to my question. I know I can block them or junk mail them from my inbox. That wasn't my question.

Full story I did not want to write.
The company is "Pets At Home VIP club" and the customer, who has same first and last name as mine signed up for the Pets At Home VIP club after buying an aquarium fish at the Thamesmead branch. I live 80mils away don't like fish and have one of their stores 4miles away. They now say my email address was removed in January after establishing the email address was entered wrongly by either customer or instore sign up system.
However, the messages still kept coming and they said it was a bug in their system that caused the continuation of emails from the VIP club.

My question was "could it be a bug as they said" or or just a plain and simple 'cockup ' by Pets at Home Admin" ?

April 2018
A more useful answer would be that Outlook does have a Junk Mail filter. If you look on the toolbar (menu) for the Junk option the email will be deleted, but more usefully Outlook will learn which email is Junk and will be able to automatically move this email to the Junk folder.

April 2018


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