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keyboard fault?

Logitech K 120 keyboard windows 2010 English keyboard key 2 on shift prints the email at symbol, the key 3 prints $ and not UK pound symbol the at key on shift prints “ .

on this forum you cannot use the proper symbol used in email addresses the message will not be accepted. It’s a good security move on the part of the forum organizers , as the wrong person may use your email address, or you start to get unsolicited emails.

What's the likely cause of keys fault, I've switched from English US to English United Kingdom and no change.
Many thanks.

bob uk
March 2019
Check the followings :

Make sure that the location is properly set.
Select the «Location» tab. For you, it should be «United-Kingdom».
On the «Format» tab, you should have «English (United-Kingdom)»

May 2019


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