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2003 ford ka multiple electrical problems ?

The car is in great condition, flew through the mot after having a petrol pump fitted, having been off the road for approximately 2 years. 1st the dipped beams then went out and no fog lights, then the full beams stopped working, along with the offside rear lights and reverse light, and the heater fan. I had the headlight bulbs changed with no change. Someone says the relays are the fault, someone else says that's unlikely. Can anyone help?

Matthew Naylor
November 2019
Although it won’t be an answer to all those wiring issues, the first place to start would be the light stalk, strip it down and clean the contacts and circuit board with electrical contact cleaner spray, reassemble and see if that helps the lighting issue. Multiple light failures could also be down to a bad earth/ground connection, check for corrosion where the earth wires bolt to the bodywork.

November 2019

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