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Fan turns on and firplace lights up But no heat?

Where do I find the circuit beaker? The fans turns on but it's cold. No heat. I need to know where to locate the circuit Breaker. The whole thing shuts down a minute after it's started.
Yes there was a lot of dust. Would this be my only problem?

Karen Elston
March 2020
I can only give my general opinion as you have not given any detail on the make and model of your electric fire.
Whether it has a circuit breaker or not, it's impossible to say.
However, most electric fan heaters will have a thermal overload safety switch that cuts power to the heating elements in the event that they get too hot. This could be down to poor air flow from a failing fan or excessive dust that is also restricting the air flow. Try disconnecting the main power and clean the internal workings of all dust and debris. Once this is done, connecting the power may automatically reset the overload protection device.

March 2020

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