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My Crown Point SZA 645FL wont sew zigzag stitches?

The machine was in storage for many years and when I unpacked it I found although the motor ran, it had ceased up and the needle would not move. Took off the back panel and sprayed machine parts with WD40, including the feed dog assembly and bobbin winding assembly and subsequently managed to get the needle/straight stitch and feed dogs moving and bobbin winder working. However, the zigzag stitches don't stitch as they should. How do I resolve this problem please?

Pam K
August 2020
You could try adjusting the length of the stitches (3 or 4 is the most versatile for me), I have a Crown Point sewing machine (SZA 745FEE), and when i want to do zigzag stitches, I have to move a lever on the top of my sewing machine from straight to zigzag. I would add a picture, but I don't think that's an option on here.

December 2020
I'm not sure how i could help, but one thing, WD40 really is not good for sewing machines, you should use sewing machine oil, because WD40 has a reverse action, and decays the plastic parts of the machine, which may stop some things working over time.

December 2020


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