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Help with Ford Focus 6000CD radio player?

Evening all!!

So I have a Ford focus estate (w reg) which is sadly heading for I'm kitting out my workshop I thought I would get some bits off it that would be useful.

It has a Ford Focus 6000 CD player. I've got it out but the amount of cables out the back boggled my small brain. Found a post on here from Nigel telling someone else which cable was which:

Power connector
pin1 live 12v memory supply orange/black
pin2 ground black/green
pin3 ignition 12v supply blue/black
pin4 12v illumination supply orange/black
pin5 alarm connection black/orange (may not be used)
pin6 ground black/green

Speaker connector
pin1 white/black left front
pin2 grey/black left front
pin3 white/violet left rear
pin4 grey/white left rear
pin5 white/red right front
pin6 grey/red right front
pin7 white right rear
pin8 grey right rear

My questions to you all:

1. With a positive and negative feed coming from my 12V leisure battery, not sure which I should be connecting them to to power the player up?

2. For the speakers, does it matter which wire goes to which on the speaker itself or will they work either way around?

3. Finally for those that know this model there was a third, smaller plug in the back of the Radio which Nigel doesn't detail what the wires are any ideas on those would be fantastic.

4. I have seen some people manage to connect an aux in using some of the cables but this was on a different radio it doable with this one?

Sorry I haven't included much info on the radio itself so probably only makes sense to someone who has tinkered with this particular model.

Any advice at all appreciated!!

Kind regards

July 2021
Pin 1 is permanently connected to battery 12V (it maintains the memory of settings and preset stations. The set will forget any presets if this is disconnected or switched off)

Pin 2 and pin 6 go to battery negative

Pin3 goes to battery 12V. In your car this would be via the ignition switch so the radio would shut off when you switched off the ignition.

Pin 4 is the feed that powers dashboard lights. Connect to battery 12V.

The speaker connections should be the "right way round". Check your speakers: there might be a + and - mark, or different size terminals or a blob of paint on one and none on t'other. The speakers will work if connected the wrong way round but the audio "image" might be a bit weird. Start by trying all even numbered speaker terminals to the +, or red dotted or big speaker terminal.

Dunno about Aux. Dunno about the other small plug. Probably phone input plus phone control to mute the radio, parking aid muting, and various other stuff.

July 2021

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