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For further 187-B control frige and freezer separately?

I have e just required a few year old for 187-B I have had a few weeks it is incredibly expensive to run i do not know if the freezer has a separate control system or does frige and the freezer control are both controlled by the circular control in the refrigerator I see min med max should the min be at the bottom left of the dail for min function is there a dail to regulate the freezer separately from the fridge is frustrating not to know as I do have a manual there is no push light to indicate very cold or normal

August 2021
Why not look for a manual? It'd have been useful if you had given the make as well as the partial model number. There are at least three manufacturers I found with a fridge freezer (or frig if you must) that have the string "187B" in the model number. One is Hotpoint, one is Whirlpool and there's a weird Australian site mentioning Hoshizaki.

Here's a few links that may be useful.

You might also consider whether the "few years old" appliance was knackered when you got it.

August 2021

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