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Central locking?

My 05 Vauxhall Astra estate has went into dead lock on all doors a fuel cap , central locking working on the boot only and use key on driver door to get in

Gordon Levers
November 2021
As far as I can understand your post, your car is locked and you can only access the driver's door, and for that you have to use the mechanical key.

Is the remotely fob actually working?

Is the fob battery OK?

Is the locking system fuse OK?

Does the system need to be resynched/reprogrammed to the key?

You could do worse than to find a dedicated Vauxhall Astra forum online (should be really easy to find a few as the Astra is a typical boy racer / enthusiast /DIY-er car) and have a look for locking system problems. Maybe post there too.

November 2021

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