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how do i remove the viscose fan on my ford transit 2.5 diesel engine?

I can't stop the fan spinning when I try to undo the nut on the viscose clutch fan ofn my Ford Transit K Reg 2.5 Diesel van.

John Francis
January 2005
Long chisel and 2lb hammer,its a normal r/h thread on a tranny.

April 2010
Usually which ever way the viscose runs the threads are the opposite to remove. They tighten themselves up when spinning. I find the best way to remove them is to use a drift and a hammer. My preferred drift is a half inch extension bar (for sockets) and a hammer. Leave all of the pulley belts on. Place the drift on the edge of the nut closest to the direction you want to take it off by, and tap it a couple of times. Then just wind it off holding the fan's outer disc.

December 2009
I am attempting this same job. The correct tool is a 32mm open spanner which I have recently purchased from Partco. I intend to try heating the nut with a small blowlamp. If this fails I will remove two of the pulley bolts and partly thread in two longer ones. I can then hold the pulley with a bar or strong screwdriver blade and hopefully remove the fan. You must be sure of the thread direction. According to the Haynes manual, on a 95 to 2000 tranny it is normal right hand. In other words move to the left to remove. If your tranny is not in this age range I do not know for sure what the thread will be but on my Escort Mk.2 based vehicle the fan thread is left hand and this came off easily with a small adjustable spanner! Good luck, and I will have another go at mine when/if the weather improves.

Tony L
January 2005
There is a correct tool for this but another way is with a long thin chisel or steel shafted screwdriver & a hammer. give the nut a couple of good taps & it wiil come loose. you will need to look & see if it's a left or right hand thread though(left hand thread usually has little markings on the nut that make it look like two nuts if you know what I mean) or if the fan turns clock wise it's usually LHT.

January 2005


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