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vauxhall vectra sri...engine cuts out?

i have a vauxhall vectra sri the engine cuts out when i change down into secound and first sometimes i can catch it before it cuts out when i'm in secound gear or i could be sitting in traffic in neutral and it will just cut out then i have to start the car again...the abs and the tc lights are on all the time and the speedo doesn't's been to 3 different garages and gone on a diagnotics machines but the car can not be read by the diagnostic machine because the speedo isn't working.....please can anyone help....thanks

fiona dell
March 2007
Sounds like the EMS (Engine Management System) could have a few hiccups in it somewhere, the inoperative speedo won't be helping things so needs repairing or replacing, as for the engine cutting out, i suggest having the camshaft sensor checked, as it seems to be a popular culprit for the engine cut-out problem.

March 2007

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