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How do I fix my chainsaw pull string?

When I go to start my chainsaw, the starter chord always gets stuck fully extended. How do I fix it so that it retracts?

May 2004
how to reinstall the pull spring and everthing

r skourn
August 2008
Aha - i worked this out the other day.

You wind up as much as poss, the pull out some slack and wrap it round the wheel and slip it in via the little groove that should be there on the wheel.

You should get what I mean when it's in front of you.


Anthony D
January 2005
i have the same problem but with a super pocket bike .. when i pulled the string the string came all the way out and did not go back in????HELP

January 2005
I think its your spring inside the starter cover , the spring is probably broken or out of its hook to maintain pressure ,

but if the rope tend to rewind slowly, may be some cleaning is just your problem or tensionning the pulley by turning over to stress the spring one turn at a time !!!!

Axess the lumberman
June 2004


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