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can i adjust the timing on a briggs and stratton engine ?

i think the timing has slipped when i try to start it i`m getting bad kickbacks from it i`ve check and the sparks ok so is the fuel can any one help.

May 2004
throw away the mower and buy something with a honda engine

March 2010
Quite possibly the keyway under the flywheel has gotten sheared. This will allow the flywheel to move slightly causing the timing to be off. Remove the flywheel and install a new keyway and realign the slot and reinstall the flywheel. And like the previous answer, slide a business card between the flywheel and the coil to set the proper distance.

September 2005
check the flywheel

July 2005
take a business card and unscrew the bolts holding the coil near the fly wheel and slide card between coil and flywheel then retighten the 2 screws and that is how you get the timing
June 2004


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