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Micro Switch Thetford Bench Type?

My hubby replaced our pump because electric flush would not work, we got it working for about 1 day, it has now stopped working again, someone suggested that it could be the micro switch which gets stuck, could anybody tells us where to locate the micro switch, or any other suggestions would be appreciated. Regards Liz

May 2007
there are two micro switches. one that stops the pump working if the recepticle waste tank is not engaged and the other is the micro switch to allow the water pump to work. it is possible to do the job in-situ, but with the aid of a mirror. if you can remove the whole unit, it is certainly easier.

the other possible problem might be the 3amp in-line fuse that is in the underside of the casing above the waste tank (when removed).

September 2010
I have a detail picture of the up ended top section of the toilet [the works bit ] from my caravan book of the old style Thetford which yours maybe. It shows the position of the switch but by the look of it a bugger to get at in situ, he may have to seperate the works bit from the rest of the casing but how that's done they very conveniently don't tell you that. Why do the make these things so hard to get at. He might be able to have a look with aid of a mirror after removing the waste holding tank and check all is attached.

tip with micro switches dampness can cause malfunction try what I did and played a hairdryer on a tap switch that was playing up
It was fine after about 15mins med heat.
if you want the picture email
and I'll send it.

Another tip given by caravan service engineer never completly remove the pump cable if renewing pump. You can't get the new one in. He said just cut the existing cable and splice the new to it [Terminal block] tape with waterproof tape and stick the joined cable up on the shelf inside at the back of the water tank. That's what I've done.

May 2007
Not sure what happened to my original answer. But I'll try again. My micro switch is situated in the groove that the blade turn knob/handle on the cassette slids into when slid back into compartment. Try this location it might be at base of push down rod for the flush in bathroom. If confused 07764229544

Andy 'N'
May 2007
I could get a new husband, but which would be cheaper a new hubby or a new toilet???? Liz

May 2007
get a new husband

ale3x r
May 2007


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