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How can I fix my philips personal cd player?

Can somebody tell me how to fix my philips expanium personal cd player which says unfinalized cd and does not play when i put a cd in.

Ben Chapman
May 2004
Ich had the same problem right after warranty! Philips told me to send in the player, but said, that he cant tell me, wheter it can be repaired or not. I told him that he should knew about this problem, because I am not the first. No answer.
Because warranty is over I have to full pay everything. I did not sent it to Philips. Maybe I will do it in future.

It was will be my last device made by Philips!

Has anyone got the player repaired?

Thomas, Vienna
December 2005
This is the second Philips I had, this one being later in series, and a little after my warrenty ran out it stopped spinning the discs completely. I don't mean to be rude, but I wouldn't suggest buying any Philips CD/MP3 players for anyone.

October 2005
Weird... exactly the same problem. Right after the warranty went out, my expanium (EXP311/00) claims that every CD is unfinalized...

If I can't find a fix for this, this will be my last Philips ever...

September 2005
I have the same cd player and I am talking to phillips right now. If I get an answer I will post it.

December 2004
Damn, I have the same Player and since a week the same problem. Right after my warranty went out the problems startet and now I have Unfinalized CD with all my CD's original and burnt.

Well, I believe they added a function to destroy itself or parts of it after 2 years so youll have to buy a new one.


Philips sux
December 2004


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