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how to fix my amp (technics 240 amp)?

i bought a second hand amp and i cant get no playback the speakers are wired correctly i hear crackle .plugged my cd player into aux set the amp to aux.
the fuse for the right speaker has blown. the fuses are at the back of the amp unit. the left is still intact. why dont it work help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

john mooney
February 2005
You need to Replace both fuses and check if there are any more. Also you may have static so give it a clean out with some canned air from Maplin Electronics. This should do the job and the amp should be as good as new. Make sure you relace the fuses with the correct amp.

November 2012
It said F70. I thought that was fuse 7, but there is no fuse 7. How much would it cost to fix, please supply price.

kirk butcher
December 2010
i have an amp 200 watts it comes on but things on it start blowing up what can i do to fix it it is a vr3 200watt 2 channel

kris shepardson
August 2006
You have a power transistor that is blown on one channel most likley. This is generally caused by overdriving or turning on the amp without speakers attached. I would replace all of them on both sides they are fairley cheap.

Doug Moore
February 2005


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