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How can I replace the original in-car casette player in my 1991 citroen ax?

I have a 1991 citroen ax cascade and the radio is fu*ked, just wondering if anyone can tell me how to remove the original radio without destroying the car. aslo if i have to buy an adapter to fit a standard size radio in the space.
cheers loads.

Daniel Seward
February 2005
Gr8, this helps me loads.

What about an adaptor to cover the big space ?


Jim John
April 2006
its simple,ive had to do it myself cause ive no radio code for car just the sides of the radio exactly half way up,there are 2 spring clips,1 on each side,slot in 2 slim butter knives at a slight angle,push forward then outward at the handles to compress the spring clips right in while easing unit forward,the clips will release,standard wiring connectors at the back.
April 2005

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