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How to replace screen to Nokia 6610i?

The screen on my Nokia 6610i is "bleeding" after being damaged by a fall against a wall when out rambling.
I have purchased a new screen, the new one has a paper/plastic tab which obviously needs to be removed-question when.
Info provided by tells how to dismantle but not about replacement. Any answers

JR McCann
July 2007
Further to my last dumb question
I have replaced the screen with a new one, there is no display visible when the phone is reassembled and switched on. I have put the old screen back and the phone works allbeit with the bleeding blob on the screen.
Any thoughts as to making the new screen work?

JR McCann
July 2007
I am a dumbo!
The tab is a pull of cover to keep the screen clean!

Jr McCann
July 2007


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