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My logik player has frozen logik hdd33?

Listening to music and i stopped the music for 5 secs then tried to carry on and the things has frozen.I tried to turn it off and turn up the volume but it does nothing.Plugged it into audiophile and the computer says it cannot recognise the device.What can i do.
Any answers would be greatfully appreciated.Please send them to

Oli Osgood
July 2007
Try re-setting it. Press the play, menu and select keys all together. In my opinion this piece of equipment is a load of rubbish - I've had no end of problems with it. Now it's totally packed in - won't turn on or hold its charge and my computer does not recognise the drive when I plug it in. It's the bin for it, I think!!

May 2009
How reinstall Logic hdd33 player, i don`t firmware for this.

Wieslaw Rzepka
August 2007


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