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the bottom of my drawer keeps falling out?

The bottom of my drawer keeps falling out ..I guess due to overload ..The furniture is not expensive base of drawer flimsy ...There were at one time , clip-on supports which pulled the sides of the drawer together ..I can not find one at all ..I also have no idea what this 'Drawer Fixer 'is called ...Can you8 help ..many Thanks

Patricia Rogers
July 2007
Take the drawer out. Take the handles off. Put the drawer bottom back into the grove and staple strips of non stretchy material backward and fowards across the length of the drawer making sure the material is tight. Put the handles back on. I did a demonstration at my local church on this last week, and proved that this method does work.

April 2011
Search for Fix A Drawer on eBay. Availale from various suppliers.

October 2008

Its me again. I have just found some more through bettaware website. These are £3.99. Hope this helps.


October 2007
just found a website called and they have drawer fixers on there. They cost around £8 each but i am in the process of looking for somwhere where they are cheaper. They are also called drawer fixers. If you find anything please email me on as i may not find this page again.

October 2007


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