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How can i fix my mp3 player?

Hi my name is john Im 15 and i just bought an creative mp3 player. I turn it on and it froze. I turned it off and on agian and it wouldn't Agian it wouldn't go to the menu if u could e-mail how i could fix it before friday beacuse i have to take my sis up to collage in new york.
Do you no how i can fix it beacuse i can't find the reciet and if could give me a store that could help me i would greatly appriecate it thank u very much

March 2005
first turn off the player and remove batterys and reinsert them
if that dosent work try deleting all your files by taking a magnite and rubbing it agaist it and it should work.

if not email me at

kevin greenlee
May 2005


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