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How can I burn good quality video CDs of video clips?

You can download some film trailers and other clips and I have software which can make a video CD, but the quality on my TV is always poor. Is there a good way to do this?

September 2003
I have a pinnacle rave card mkII ,purchased from pc world for £30 bucks .it came with better driver than my first pinnacle card (the differance in sight is the tuner ,on the old one the tuner was a large tin can ,on second it was a small flat square tuner ).
anyway---the software i use is pinnacles t-rex .it works fine for me ..Turns a video clip into various formats such as:-
mpegII (ps)
mpegI (vcd)
mpegII (svcd)
avi dv
avi mpeg4
If you got a good system its pretty fast ..look for it on a pinnacle website -----PINNACLE T-REX-----

December 2003
You can use a program like Nero or Roxio Easy CD and DVD maker to do this. If you are downloading avi files, these need to be converted into mpg files to be burnt onto your CD. The conversion is a slow process. a thirty minute clip might take a few hours to convert from an avi to an mpg.

A Smith
October 2003

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