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Should I buy FrontPage or Dreamweaver?

Which design software is best? These both seem to be good and I can't work out which one to go for.

Gary Robbins
October 2003
i want to make like your site answer question site

how can i do in dreamweare?How do i create a form in dreamweaver that when give and answer and question butten and give some feild for queston and answer when click the question come text feild and submite button the results can be saved in website and answer too like thats ??

akbar shah
February 2008
how can i add the question and answer form button in my site whats the code to add the answer and question to add the site can any body help me

akbar shah
February 2008
Dreamweaver is by far a superior web development application to FrontPage. It has better CSS support, better code handling, and is much better at following web standards.

The only arguement in Microsoft FrontPage's favour is that it is likely to be the only software that handles FrontPage Extensions. These are server-side addons that do functions like sending e-mail forms. However, the same effects (and much much more) can be achieved with any server side programming language such as ASP, PHP, Perl, etc.

Go for Dreamweaver, or at least download the trial and see how much better it is.

David Carrington
May 2004

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