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For the kitchen we have categories including Dishwashers, Kettles, Refrigerators and Washing Machines.

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Questions - mend, repair, fixThese questions have been added to how to mend it .com most recently.
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 belling cooker xou592 ?
 Creda concept solarglow oven far too hot ?
 howcanigetmyhotpoint hf6b351 tospin?
 baxi 105he?
 looking for a quicker solution?
 how do I repair an electric chainsaw?
 Gas burners not working on rangemaster dual fuel?
 Grinding noise when drier reverses?
 How can I fix?
 I have a Scantronic 9751. Message "Lid Tamper" ?
 how do i take off a kitchen door from a candy dishwasher?
 g4 carby washers?
 Orion TV 1925 no remote how can I access menu?
 Power Craft 2408 950W Belt Sander?
 how to fix hoover dryer?
 Miele w2240 display goes off when closing door hard?
 i can not get the front part of casing off?
 IDL 350 Indesit Door Won't Shut ?
 ford mondeo?
 dyson washing machines.?
 Dyson vaccum does nothing?
 Water cold ?
 How do you reset central locking on 08 zafira b?
 Bose wave w/ CD player ?
 worcester bosch 400 bf?
 Tizio needs tlc?
 08 Opel Astra ?
 2007 Renault Clio?
 tefal gv 8960 steam generator iron?
 how do I put the front cover back on model 35K3?
 Having replaced inner glass panel having trouble fitting front panel?
 no water in machine?
 Dropped baxi 5117391 cogs?
 Permanently turn off radio?
 Tx4.9 sportscraft tread mill slows down when stepping on the right side?
 What does plip battery spent mean?
 my BT Studio 1100 Twin are flashing base1 how do i mend this?
 i have a potterton combi boiler wich is showing e1 fault?
 How can I fix my siny trv 140 camcorder?
 my electra 37527 keeps cutting out after a few minutes?
 Where do I locate thermostat switch in fringe-freezer RFF 5050FF?
 anussi ZWD 1480?
 How do I reset flood alarm?
 It is about my Polti 2400 ?
 miGenie wirelss room thermostat?
 bose radio/ cd will not power on?
 cd portion of the bose radio quit working ?
 how can i get another remote for my TDE DvD player?
 Who can repair calor gas heater in HA1 Harrow area?
 steam generator iron why the noise?
 damaged 13 amp cable?
 Fuse type change?
 Indesit fridge freezer hot inside?
 How can I fix an E5 fault on my Defy Top Loader washing machine, Md. DTL147?
 Siemens wxm110gb washing machine?
 Clicking sound from Simpson enduro 7kg top loader?
 Russell Hobbs washing machine?
 sound -one record deck?
 casio keyboard ctk120?
 Hotpoint TCM570P not starting?
 Item horizon panel won't turn off.?
 hotpoiint ultima 1200 not starting.?
 How to Lubricate a Stanna 420 Stairlift?
 How can I get it repared?
 Dometic caravan fridge?
 Electric free standing fireplace beeps/won’t come on?
 where can i get a instruction book for my laptop????
 Where do I find bonnet release?
 thermostat not showing room temp?
 Ventura turbo 350 lawnmower made loud noise then cut out?
 Loud noise as though something rattling about ?
 Ferroli Optimax HE31c a26 problem?
 how can i play my record player to my computer?
 How do I change a lower ball joint on an s type jaguar?
 How to fix my power steering on c3 picasso 2013 32k miles?
 how can i get a daily plu item sold report ?
 speakers dhc-fl3, or dhc-fl7d...?
 I have 2x H20X5 steam mops But none of the work.?
 Prima LPR659 has power but unable to set a programme?
 valve clearances on omega wolf 2300dvlr?
 What is the problem?
 drive belt replacement on a bob villa model #917.274033?
 Ferroli Optimax HE31c a26 problem?
 Oven Lamp replacement on Rangemaster 110?
 during going up the stairs the chair only travels at half speed?
 Power base 1800 w stopped working ?
 No sound for cassette player. BD 117?
 how do you change a belt os a trimmer lawn mower?
 Heating won't go off! ?
 Rascal + aalarm panel interanl sounder has stopped making any noise?
 there is aloud vibrating noise coming from the back of my beko fridge ?
 how can i reset my alarm no manuel?
 Hot water comes and goes!?
 learning the guitar.?
 our 9427 hose alarm is going off we have no manual or code how can we stop ?
 Range master cooker?
 Boiler not working?
 Bose CD player door "stuck" and only buzzes continuously?
 how can i get a instruction book for my phone???

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