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Need to mend a household electrical appliance? We've several categories to help you.

For the kitchen we have categories including Dishwashers, Kettles, Refrigerators and Washing Machines.

Problem not in the kitchen? We've others. For example, CD Players, Telephones, TVs or VHS Recorders.

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 unlock synergy 5500?
 got a nsg performance grand laser disk wont spin?
 F9 error on Kenwood kids017 dishwasher?
 ferm sander dsm1009?
 how can i fix my steamworks g-1030st steam generator?
 How to get my Hitachi AX-M131U CD reading again ?
 Sprinter 311cdi tachograph fuse location? ?
 getting new doors fitted how do i disable alarm its a rascal?
 how can i open my disc on hitachi dz-3000e when light flashing?
 Where can I get we brushes for my power base saw?
 glow worm flexicom 15 hx not firing up?
 How can I fix my DVD system, Samsung HT-DB600 has 'PROTECTION' code?
 Where can i get a pull cord coil spring ?
 My Crusader condenser tumble dryer, model CT61C is faulty?
 My garden Power Devil will not start. I am sure it is an ignition problem.?
 Is there a reset button on an Electra compact 288 dryer?
 Goodman gps222mp3?
 moffat epicure wall oven model MSB 3458 B-2?
 how to reset uniwell nx5400 ecr?
 How to wire the switch for a bench grinder with 5 wires? ?
 What size needles can I use for my Singer 39a3?
 Why does my drivers door window think it is fully closed when it's not?
 Elevation has gone up ?
 My westinghouse dishwasher has the code F1,?
 How do I change the oil in my Craftsman LT1000 model #917271860?
 Ford Transit Connect 6000CD?
 Inventek spiral saw instructions ?
 Small drive gear ?
 How can I fix halogen oven ovation ht206?
 Won’t spin ?
 Water leak when water resevoir is inserted TAS 1407CH/01 Type: CVTPM07?
 how can i fix it ?
 jcb-pw6 pressure washer?
 Ice build up in freezer?
 will not start?
 How can I bypass Immobilizer on a Nissan Navara D22?
 rexon chop saw blows fuses?
 How to disassemble rocker?
 Trailer lights and not working?
 How to fix Qualcast switch?
 Gas supply to oven, when striking, is intermitent.?
 How do I repair car door handle on opelomega yr 2000 keeps opening when tr?
 how can i replace lamp in electric kettle?
 i have a necchi?
 how do you assemble the handle?
 Beko fridge freezer making ice but not droppping into the box?
 My Indesit tumble dryer IDC 8T3 doesn't heat up ?
 Tassimo vivy?
 How can I fix my Sigma PCC 500C shredder?
 Overloaded ! ?
 ryobi s340 (ry34441) ejects oil in crankcase ventilation piping ?
 proaction washing machine pr0510a+w?
 Miele novatronic tripping rcb?
 How to replace broken clutch cable on Hayter Harrier 41 (306K)?
 Performance Power 1800csc will not come on?
 Hedge trimmer?
 Need user manual for model CD2572 audio system?
 Water seal under electric box is leaking?
 B&D GT6060 hedge trimmer?
 how do I repair a peterol flap on picso?
 How to fix fault codes B4 ,B5, B7 and 21?
 What size of plug do my weed walker use model number C944517360?
 Does the gear section need grease or lubricating?
 how to fix one side of a blind that will not go down or up?
 How to remove the drain pump of a WDT1085 washer/dryer?
 Cannot access "Direct Navigator". "Guide plus" or "Function Menu" ?
 Hartke kickback 10 has failed help pleasee?
 Scantronic 9751 Aux DC Fail keep blowing fuses?
 piston chage?
 Minniminder potterton programmer?
 My PWR1750CSA electric chain saw has stopped working?
 SoleusAir fan?
 thetford toilet?
 How can I make my mizushi portable air conditioner to cool again?
 how do i fix my john lewis washer dryer?
 How do I Reset K01 on 9751 system please?
 What is the temperature rating for the thermal fuse on a gbc4250 laminator?
 fixing a loose handle on a circular saw?
 Z255 Parking Brake?
 Peugeot 206 (2004)?
 how to remove the motor base square drive?
 My Bissel proHeat2X used twice, has stopped sucking,Why?
 How can I fix my hedge trimmer?
 which coloured wire goes to which terminal on indesit fan oven low element?
 model VCH 3301?
 how ca n i fix bush v?
 Kelvinator Extreme clean KD12DW2 Error 2 fault code?
 How to strip down a Flymo E600 strimner?
 creda gas cooktop?
 Accenta 6?
 sudden power loss when driving?
 fault code 3075?
 Charging Pin?
 how do I fix a redring power shower?
 How to replace switch unit on Russel Hobbs K2?
 My Westmac strimmer stops?
 washing machine ZWG1140M?
 geller sx 695?

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