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Need to mend a household electrical appliance? We've several categories to help you.

For the kitchen we have categories including Dishwashers, Kettles, Refrigerators and Washing Machines.

Problem not in the kitchen? We've others. For example, CD Players, Telephones, TVs or VHS Recorders.

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Questions - mend, repair, fixThese questions have been added to how to mend it .com most recently.
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 where can I find a part?
 Convert chair from side mount controller to a hand held controller?
 Sharper Image S1448 floor lamp switch replacement?
 Is it safe to use my microwave oven? Matsui M160?
 Do I have to turn off water to replace aquastream cartridge?
 how to fix a gearbx?
 No lights on my Indesit 143 washing machine when the power is onNo lights o?
 where can i buy a thermal coupler?
 My Zanussi washing m/c won't fill with water?
 2001 renault megane dynamic back door jammed shut?
 2001 megane dynamic passenger door locked shut ?
 How can Airbath touch switch be fixed?
 Door is still locked after cycle? S 14.49?
 What capacity is a cup as per instructions ?
 Kenwood Chef A901-how do I rePplace the small pulley & tension pin ?
 Intellowasher vs direct drive ?
 What capacity is a cup as per instructions ?
 Door is still locked after cycle? S 14.49?
 My Frister and Rossman Model 35 ?
 Imobilisor active ford mondeo?
 nissan micra gx year 2000 w reg front indicator bulb?
 2003 ford ka multiple electrical problems ?
 how to fix code h91 on a panasonic microwave?
 Toshiba RDXV60KB can i retrieve HDD recording?
 Samsung tablet?
 how do I get belt to my 500w Power Planer?
 How to remove oven door hinges on a new world vision gas oven?
 How can I get my drivers seat to lay all the way back Peugeot 1007?
 Caulking to seal Rowenta Iron Water leak?
 Leyland DAF 45?
 Loud clicking noise.?
 How to change element of Cookworks XBM11295 breadmaker?
 tv is stuck in shop mode no remote control?
 Bosch al3640 charger not charging.?
 where is brown fuse on vax rapide v-026?
 No Power to Smeg di612ca?
 dynamix treadmill not working?
 Why does my Sportcraft Tx 4.9 run slowly?
 my speedometer & rev counter have stuck on my 2007 ford tranit?
 how to ajust drive belt on power devil sl1p60f?
 My tv Panasonic tv TH 42-42pz70ba?
 replace xsara alternator?
 Ford Galaxy immobilzer reset?
 an RH K2R kettle element has died ...?
 info flashing up on screen?
 how do i fix the stitch dial when it is not forming the desired stitches?
 Glow plug light on ????
 How do I get myElectric Weed Sweeper Repaired?
 How can I fix my shower.Sceptre universal thermostatic mixer shower?
 Who supplies parts for the Steam Buggy GU-01A?
 How do I reset my TCM Tchibo radio controlled watch?
 1956 fordson major torque specs?
 how to fix my transmission?
 Where can I buy a stand for a tiny 15.6 " television.i?
 how to adjust clutch pedal 2004 mercedes atego 4x4?
 overheating boiler?
 Scunci Steamer Left Plugged In too long?
 Singer 368 Fashion - I need advice on replacing shaft gears?
 2009 iveco stralis EDC Fault 2alE?
 citroen c3 fault?
 How do I stop drip from Mira discovery shower?
 Sloppy steering on Countax needs fixing.?
 Diplomat ADP4610 oven not heating up?
 Zanussi tumble dryer TD 520?
 Briggs and Stratton SP470?
 How to re-enamel the casing?
 why does my Accenta gen4 keypad not not illuminate?
 aeg sensorlogic tripping fusebox?
 British Gas 330+ boiler low pressure?
 5197FF1F need activation key?
 How to use Siemens RWB7 central heating controller?
 How to put back the punch card?
 Toshiba RDXV60 3in1 combi timer?
 where is the reset button on my Mira Advance thermostatic shower ?
 w606 incomplete splitting fault?
 Two gang switch?
 leisure cookmaster 90?
 i have a aqualisa shower bur will not turn on?
 Worcester Bosch 240 combi?
 Marantz SR7200 turns off onto standny?
 Westwood 10/12?
 alarm key pad silent?
 bosch wan28100?
 How can I tighten the drive belt(s) on my Frosted /Rossman64 sewing machine?
 My fan at back of my electric oven isn’t working and looks like it’s going ?
 Nimber 2 quick start button not working?
 kenwood km201 service manual?
 Rascal + won't reset?
 changing oven thermocoupler on range master ?
 how can i fix or replace oil pressure sensor?
 how to take the bottom plate off?
 How do I convert a stationary lazyboy to a rocker recliner?
 How can I fix my Techtrix Bike Max-R, model BMR?
 I have a Laufen flush and after we have flushed and ?
 Problem with an Accenta alarm system?
 what could be the problem?

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