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No recording schedule in remote menu?

Bought a new remote for a humax PVR9200T but when I follow instructions from the manual to go into menu and pr... [Read more]
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Humax hdr repair?

Since we had a power cut my humax box isnt working as it should, i have to turn it off at the mains for the re... [Read more]
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humax foxsat-hdr?

When pressing the "media" button. Requested screen comes up saying "please wait", Then the machine reboots its... [Read more]
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My TV screen shows 'No signal or weak signal' when I try to set a recording on the Humax recorder. Retuning th... [Read more]
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How to replace fan in Humax 1010s?

The HDD in my Humax HDR-1010s failed and I think it overheated, the fan does not appear to work. Since the fan... [Read more]
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Humax box sound?

My TV is viewed via Humax box the sound control is fine can set to a comfortable level, that is, until the adv... [Read more]
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My humax freesat box has stopped working?

my foxsat freesat hd box won't turn on. the L.E.D. on the front panel go round and around but nothing happens.... [Read more]
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humax not getting power?

Recorder was in storage for about a year. Worked fine prior to storage. Now seems not to get power. Power Cord... [Read more]
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Aerial snapped off the tv i pulled panel offtries putting aerial end in ?

tv i pulled panel off tries putting aerial end in no luck do i have to solder or is it not worth it humax PDP... [Read more]

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