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B&Q 18V Pro power tools?

are there any replacement batteries on market to replace B&Q 18 volt Pro power tool batteries if not , can the... [Read more]
Mend D.I.Y, D.I.Y Tools

PRO hand router ref. CLM1200RSK ?

I have the above router and wondered if anybody knows where I can obtain Parts (sole plate) for this tool. The... [Read more]
Mend D.I.Y, D.I.Y Tools

Where can I buy a Replacement Battery Charger?

Hi everyone, I have recently acquired a set of Performance Power Pro Tools and the Battery Charger is dead. Th... [Read more]
Mend Power Tools, Circular Saws

power pro battery?

i,m looking for batterys for my old power pro tools, these were before macAllister , colour is blue and grey. ... [Read more]
Mend Power Tools, Circular Saws

User Manual?

I have a P Pro Router 500W, product of Performance Power Tools, Chandlers Ford. I want a User Manual to suit.
Mend D.I.Y, Gardening

grass strimmer, performance power, pro 24ccsgta, ?

can i obtain a spring/complete houseing assy. for pull start . Are special tools reqired to fit replacement sp... [Read more]
Mend Power Tools, Circular Saws

battery CLM18NICDSC URGENTLY required?

does any one know where i can purchace a couple of batteries for my performance power pro 18 volt power tools ... [Read more]
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who makes performance pro power tools for b&q?

in what country is the performance pro 38cc chainsaw made. i know they are made especialy for b&q
Mend Power Tools, Drills

performance power pro tool set?

i have the special offer set from B/Q, which i thought was a great purchase at the i`m having real pr... [Read more]
Mend Power Tools, Drills

Performance Power Pro battery (B&Q)?

I need replacement batteries for range of PowerPro tools. 18v, model CLM18vG2bat. B&Q don't do them any more. ... [Read more]

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