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how can I fix internet explorer?

my internet explorer disconnects and comes back and request "restore" how can get this to stop, it does this ... [Read more]
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Internet Explorer 8 problem?

I'm on Windows XP SP3. Using IE8 as my browser. When i try to load IE8, it takes for what seems like foreve... [Read more]
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iternet explorer icon on taskbar?

I ued to have an internet explorer icon on my taskbar but has now gone. It does not appear to be in quick laun... [Read more]
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How can I get my internet to work better on my laptop?

My internet dongle always says that it has 'very good' signal, yet whenever I am trying to view web pages and ... [Read more]
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How to open Google Earth after installing. ?

Computer is Dell Dimension 3100. Internet Explorer XP. After downloading Google Earth-Chrome I am unable t... [Read more]
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Computer running slow?

I have recently updated my security with Norton internet security 2011 and whether its a coincidence but my pc... [Read more]
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Internet connection wont hold?

Microsoft Windows XP Version 2002 Service Pack 3 Wireless Router This is the "Host" Desktop. It has Spybo... [Read more]
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Loosing connection with Internet Explorer & can'tget mail?

when go onto my computer I click into Internet Explore it takes me to my home page but when I click into my ma... [Read more]
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I keep getting "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage?

When I click on a webpage in order to order a product the page that comes up says: "Internet Explorer cannot d... [Read more]
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Why does my pc boot me out of websites?

I am in a site and then try to click on another section in that site and it boots me out of it. I use interne... [Read more]

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