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how to fix my 16gb samsung memory card?

my 16gb samsung sd card suddenly stop showing just blank sd card or crashed data..when i unmount m... [Read more]
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my samsung i70 camera ?

my camera switches itself off after 15 seconds of being turned on. i have took the battery and memory card out... [Read more]
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which one?

Forgetting all the acutraments (additional features) which one for installing in my caravan to pick up radio ... [Read more]
Mend Memory, Memory Cards

My mobile is not reading my memory card.?

Hello i have 2gb memory card but accidently i took it out and now my Nokia 2700 classics is not reading it .... [Read more]
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My inserted memory card is not coming?

I am inserting memory card but actually it is showing that it is not inserted in my Nokia 2700 classics
Mend Memory, Memory Cards

Can not use my new micro sd card?

i have bought a micro sandisk utra 16gb memory card and is not recognized in my new samsung smart camera or my... [Read more]
Mend Memory, Memory Cards

it about camera and music sd memory card.?

I would like to know how i can fix my memory sd card for both my camera and where i can listen to the music do... [Read more]
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how to mend broken memory card eject button?

I removed a memory card from my fujifilm s9500 as normal and when i tried to reload it , it would not go in. I... [Read more]
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transfer pictures from camera's memory onto memory card?

Is it possible to do this? I have a Lumicron LDC-660S
Mend Memory, Memory Cards

how to fix my sd micro memory card?

What can I do to get my 4gb micro sd card to show up on my blackberry curve 8520? It was used in my LG veriizo... [Read more]

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