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406 2000?

Peugeot 406 2000 code radio
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1986 peugeot 406?

my immobilizer green light does not come on, the red one blinks. so cant start car. help
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changed heater plugs, peugeot 406 won't start?

I have changed my heater plugs in my peugeot 406 2lt hdi 02, it started at first, now won't start at all
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how can i reset security code of Peugeot 406?

I forgot my security code my Peugeot won't start please help me
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how can i fix my car peugeot 406 1998?

my peugeot 406 starts and go well and then it loes power and dies after 2 hours it will start and go againe an... [Read more]
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why is my 1996 Peugeot 406 making a clicking sound behind the dash?

It happens when I start the car and it continues while the car is on. It makes a clicking/tapping sound. about... [Read more]
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Heater/AC fault, 2001 Peugeot 406 GLX 1.8 16v petrol?

Hi, Hope you can help, I have a heater blower fan fault on my Peugeot 406 GLX estate, basically the fan has pa... [Read more]
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peugeot 406 hdi?

i have problem with my peugeot 406 hdi starts ok no problems once on the road runs like its starved of fuel an... [Read more]
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how to bypass peugeot 406 imobiliser?

hello all i have a 1998 1.8 petrol and i want to disconnect the factory imobilliser so i can fit an after mark... [Read more]
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How to repair Valeo Heat Sink on Peugeot 406?

I cannot get the blower to operate on my Peugeot 406. It is not the fuse and I think the control is working... [Read more]

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