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Peugeot boxer 2010 motorhome marker lights ?

The top and side marker lights have stopped working, I have checked the top bulbs and they are ok. I have look... [Read more]
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how do I replace the mirror glass on my 2011 peugeot boxer?

damaged the offside door mirror glass on my boxer van and have obtained a replacement glass. Can you tell me ... [Read more]
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How to fix siezed air blower switch 2008 Peugeot Boxer?

I have motorhome based on a 2008 Peugeot Boxer 2.2 and the air blower switch has jammed or seized. It can be f... [Read more]
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peugeot boxer van 1.9 diesel 51 plate?

mileometer erratic, wasn't working when I got it but now works SOMETIMES! any clues?????
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how can I change pedal on peugeot boxer?

How can I change a plastic pedal on a peugeot boxer
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What is the cause Peugeot Boxer Van 56 plate?

It's becoming sticky to select reverse and 5th gear, is it the linkage ?
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how to fit my clutch cable ?peugeot boxer camper van ?

the clutch on my peugeot boxer camper van 1999 made a bang when depressed and the pedal raised in height almos... [Read more]
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can anyone tell me the torque settings for a peugeot boxer 2.5 td 1998 ?

hi i can not seem to get this info anywere i need the torque settings for the head bolts and big end shells on... [Read more]
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how can i fix a leak in the front of the fule pump on my boxer van?

IV got a 03 Peugeot boxer van 2.0 and it has started leaking from the front of the fuel pump its non turbo hig... [Read more]
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Heater matrix Peugeot boxer 2.8 ?

How do I change a heater matrix in a Peugeot boxer 2.8 Year 06
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