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range rover electric mirror?

Range Rover Vogue March 2009. Passenger side door mirror should 'dip' to point downwards to kerb line when rev... [Read more]
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BMW Mk 1V read error?

Does anyone have the BMW dvd / cd read error message coming up on sat nav screen. If so, I can fix this for a... [Read more]
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replacing drivers door mirror on a p38 range rover?

I have a p38 range rover . how do I replace the drivers door morror glass
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2001 range rover 4.6 has po171 codes?

my rover has code po171, it starts alright,but on excelerating has no power, but just stutters and cuts out.
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how can I reset my sat nav in my P38 Range Rover?

Currently my screen displays a 15 mile variation to my actual location. In the top RH corner of the screen t... [Read more]
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windows will not set2000 range rover 4.6 land rover?

windows will not set when they reach the top they chatter and clang but the computer says the windows will not... [Read more]
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park brake fault system not functional?

hey guys,ive got a 2005 range rover sport,and i engaged the electronic handbrake,as normal when i was parking.... [Read more]
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range rover p38?

does enyone no if you can bypass the immobilizer on the p38 range rover , if so how do you do it ? thanks bill... [Read more]
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p38 range rover ?

can enyone tell me were the headlight relay is ,iv changed the switch,the arm and compleat fuse box and still ... [Read more]
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iv got a range rover p38 ?

my p38 has lost its head lights and main beam, i still have side lights and if i put power to the head lights ... [Read more]
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