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how to install an instrument cluster on a 2005 Saab?

The temp gauge pegs at max. I got a used instrument cluster but the engine won't start with it installed. How... [Read more]
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a problem with my saab 93 18i?

my saab 93 18i 54 plate has strated to judder when i apply the throttle any idea what the corse could be
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will a saab 93 year 98, fit a 99 car?

IV got a Saab 93 v reg 99 car but the back window is not in. Will get a 98 roof with window in, will it fit my... [Read more]
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I have a 06 plate Saab and the airbag light keeps coming on any idea how to?

My 06 plate Saab 93 has an airbag light that keeps coming on has anybody got any ideas how to turn it off.
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Rear passenger floor wet on Saab con?

The floor in my saab convertible is wet. Its the rear passenger on the left side only. Any advice what it co... [Read more]
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saab 1.9 diesel tid?

thrust bearing making noise when you press peddle
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how can i fix speedclock on my 93 05 saab?

when stationry my speedclock shows 30m p h
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how to turn off service instructios on dash?

how do u get rid of inter service and main service insructions on dash cluster on saab 95 1.9tid 2008.
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My heater in my car will not change temp?

My saab 93 2007 1.9tid leneor se , climate control does not work only blows out hot air , ive checked fuses , ... [Read more]
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The heater in my car only blows hot air help ?

The heater on my saab 9-3 1.9tid 2007 only blows hot air it even comes out hot when the heater is off , check ... [Read more]

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