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Dvd player makes grinding noise?

Toshiba Model SDP95SWN portable dvd player. The disc that hold the dvd in place popped out along with the disc... [Read more]
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toshiba rd-xv48 dtkb?

I have a Toshiba RD-XV48 DTKB which keeps ejecting the VHS tape every time it is inserted. Could you please re... [Read more]
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How can this be fixed?

I have a Toshiba Recorder Model DR420KU that now has a blue screen on the TV when I switch to the HDMI cable c... [Read more]
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Toshiba RDXV60KB VCR not connecting?

When I power on DVD plays perfect but when I try to play videos a message displays no connection check cables.
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Toshiba regza TV?

How much will it cost to repair the sound on my Toshiba TV the sound goes up the down on it's own. The manual ... [Read more]
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Toshiba RDXV60 3-in-1 DVD, HDD and VHS Recorder colour issue?

My Toshiba was working fine, till I recorded the cricket for OH, the playback was a 'white out' everything too... [Read more]
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how can I fix a toshiba DVD/R-VCR Combi model DVR202KB.?

The above machine was repaired whilst within guarantee. The exolanation was (PSU NLA_ fitted PSU components pa... [Read more]
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Toshiba RDXV60KB can i retrieve HDD recording?

this machine has broken - turn on, all lights come on then turns itself off. Have consulted engineers who say ... [Read more]
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Toshiba RDXV60 3in1 combi timer?

How can I fix so that I can record programmes set via Electronic Programmer Guide as unit keeps deleting timer... [Read more]
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My Toshiba TV has no power.?

My Toshiba TV model 22BL702B has suddenly lost power despite being connected to mains. Changing the fuse has ... [Read more]

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