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How can I fix my Marantz SR 5002 receiver?

I just got a Marantz SR 5002 receiver. Our power went out yesterday and after it went back on, the red standby indicator light started flashing. I now cannot turn the receiver on. I have a good surge protector, so I know that's not the issue. I have tried unplugging it and plugging it back in. Any thoughts? Thanks

January 2008

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Hello, this is the same problem what happened to me with my SR7001. now I cannot turn it on and the simptoms are the same. problem is that I dont have warranty! Please help with an advise what to do. thanks Petr

November 2008

I wouldn't be too quick to assume your surge protection board is not at fault. I would be inclined to think the power surge blew your DSP board in your amp.
If it wont turn on, it is either due to:
1. DSP board (which controls the distribution of power in the amplifier - including to the speakers)
2. The on/off switch
3. Fuse protection in the amp.

If this is the case, and you have bought a power board with surge protection, it may have a 'connected equipment warranty' - in which case you need to phone them up and tell them your amp was damaged due to a power surge and it should be covered under their warranty. Normal in-store warranty usually doesn't cover 'power surge' related problems.

The truth about powerboards, despite the jargon you hear from even the most convincing sales reps, is they are useless. They look great, and may have some filtration on the sockets - but they are completely and utterly useless. The problem lies in the tolerance of the powerboard to 'over-voltage'. In short, they deal with large spikes, not subtle rises in voltage. For an example, I am on a 240V system here .... but the actual voltage I measure from my outlet can be anywhere from 190V~260V. I good power board has "voltage regulation", which is something those $400 Belkin or Monster Power boards DON'T have. You can tell right away if the board has it because when you first plug it in, it will take a good few minutes for the board to actually supply power to it's outlets (because it is charging up the capacitors inside it that spit out a regulated voltage). I might add ... I have the top model Belkin 8 way power board (which is useless) and it sells for $300 Australian dollars ... I bought an 8-way 'regulated voltage' power board (Powerguard PGXH3708) for $69. I'm sure there are other brands and models too.

Their website is: (to see what I'm talking about)

To keep this short and simple,
1st - Try to play stupid and say the amplifier just stopped working
for no reason. Since it is so new, they should just swap it.
2nd - Contact the manufacturer of the surge protected power and use their warranty card to have your equipment replaced (provided they have a warranty)

This is all based on the assumption your amp is blown. I don't believe it could be anything else, given the information you have left

January 2008

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Scoured the internet and came across this tip on here. Thank you.

Dec 2019

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