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Projection tv has a red line in it, Magnavox, 51" rear projection?

I have recently gotten a red arching tint in the bottom picutre of my rear projection tv. It come upward about 1/3 of the way on the screen from the bottom up. I have adjusted my red, line adjustment but that doesn't do anything and it is correct. When this first started you could tunr it off then back on and it would go away but it stays there now no matter how many times you turn it on and off. Please Help !!!!

February 2008

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How do you align the red lamp?

February 2008

Hey Brett,

The only thing I can think of is that your TV uses three seperate "projectors" for the three colors, RGB (red, green, blue) and it sounds like your red projector is not perfectly alligned with your green and blue projectors. This usually happens over time due to heat. The only other issue might be that the lamp in your red projector is going out and might need replaced. That would cause the red arch on your picture.

hope that helps,

Patrick Sewell
February 2008

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I have a magnavox 60 inch rear projection tv, just replaced the convergence ic's and still no picture. I see there is a small two plug connection on the board but I don't remember there being a wire for that and can't find one. Am I missing a wire? Does anyone have a wiring diagram for this model?...

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philips magnavox projection t.v. model 9P6040CI?

my t.v. has lost its picture. at first the picture went small & then back to normal with a green and red line on each side. then the picture would go small and was bright white. now it want show a picture...

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