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Question - mend, repair, fix

Ford Focus Electric windows Possible relay or fuse fault ?

I have owned an O4 Ford Focus C Max TCDi since new.
A 'Bonnet Open' warning light came on. Checked Bonnet lock all secure. Then noticed the following faults
(1) Both front Elect windows would not work.
(2) Windscreen Washer not working.
(3) Interior Heater blower not working.
Have checked the fuses which all appear in order.

Could anyone give me any help or suggestions with this problem

John Ross
November 2008

There is more help available. Mend - electric, relay, fuse
Need to mend your Ford Focus car?

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

Thankyou so much. Just drove home from work at 6 am and cold frosty morning with driver window down. Thought I would google problem and came to this thread. Had a look at the green clip under fuse box and it was indeed loose. Clipped it back in and all works.

Christopher Sharpe
April 2020

thanks to the forum problem fixed in 10 seconds,green plug connector dislodged by sons foot under the glove box,was looking at expensive fix until I read this page,many thanks.

July 2017

I have a 2008 cmax I have a similar problem but the green plug is connected the problem I have I had to change the cigar lighter fuse but had not manual so I checked every fuse to find it since the the Windows do not work windscreen washer pump and the rear wiper

June 2017

Great thread! The advice worked a treat! Same problems as everyone else. One of the green wiring plugs under the fuse box of a Ford Focus TDCi 2007 had been dislodged. Now relocated and everything works perfectly. Thanks!

December 2016

I have a 2005 Ford focus cmax. I have just had these exact problems. Thank you so much, this feed has saved me a load of money!

December 2016

Just had the same problem, and was the green connector thanks for this post I fixed It

Lee and jack
November 2016

One minute fix, green connector clipped in properly all good now! Thanks!!!

October 2016

Thank you for the answer to what may have been an expensive mechanics was so the green connector that had been kicked and needed pushing back in...
Three cheers for this forum ...thank you people....

Granny Sharon of New Zealand visiting family in Anstruther UK
August 2016

Excellent thank you so much for this, has and will save many people a nasty garage bill. It was the green switch for us knocked by our boys swinging foot. Easy fix once we had seen your tip thanks again

March 2016

Thank you problem solved the green clip had been flicked the wrong way, by my sons feet !! Clicked back in and hey presto all fixed, thank you so much

February 2016

After checking fuses and alot of head scratching found this forum boom problem solved. Thank you

February 2016

Thank you for the quick fix. I thought at one point I was going to have to be replacing fuses!!

Tod the Fox
February 2016

Check to see if a green connector has come loose or disconnected under the fusebox in passenger foot-well (This seems to control the washer pump, electric windows and heater/ blowers)

Take bonnet sensor socket off the bottom/ underneath side of the latch assembly carefully, it may have a squeeze connector on the side of it. Bend a piece of earth wire into a U shape or any fairly thick wire and put into each side of the socket and cling film it up to stop moisture getting into socket

January 2016

Hi, I just wanted to say a big thank you to all of the contributors to this cure. I had the boot sensor - no fan - temp reading ----, and resolved that. however the engine warning light had come on following these problems, and did not clear once I re-seated the wires?

thank you

December 2015

Again green connection under fuss box had come lose, wasn't sure what was going on their for awhile, so many switch not working, rear wiper and washer, in car climate fan, outside temperature gage, bonnet open alarm on information display, red light on on dashboard, all sorted now, not a great place for a connector easy to get disconnect on passengers foot were ect.

Gar mullingar ireland
December 2015

as all others saved a fortune it was the green connector under the fusebox. a 2 minute fix.

November 2015

Folding mirrors on my 2013 focus st3 don't fold in when you lock car

October 2015

I had the same problem. I read the forum and discovered the connector had come loose. Great forum, Thank you

Danny Blue
September 2015

So delighted have external temp guage, electric windows and heaters all working again. Green connector under fuse box has become loose. Thank you. This has saved me trip to garage.

August 2015

Hi focus team members I have a 1999 ford focus 5 door and the drivers side window isnt working but I can hear the relay clicking each time I push the window switch could any of you guys help me out please

April 2015

Thank you very much for the precious help. Ford Cmax 1.6 TDI FAP year 2010. Fault fixed: . Blower not working, external temperature reading missing (--- c°), windscreen washer not working. Reason detected: one of the two connectors under the fuse box in the passenger footwell had the trigger lever unclipped even if it was in the right position. Clipped it back and all began working again !!

Francesco Ceccuti
March 2015

Just one more to say 'thank you internet'.

James, Oxford
February 2015

I'm wondering how much money this thread has saved people over the years.....worked a treat for me! Thanks a million.

January 2015

Ive tried this and still having same problem :(

January 2015

Was driving in my 59 Focus Titanium and the 'Bonnet Open' warning suddenly came up, the temperature indicator disappeared, the ice warning came up and the fan stopped working. The car ran OK and we got home safely, I then noticed the alarm wasn't being set. I was about to call my garage when I thought I would try another Google search and found this site, checked the passenger footwell and sure enough the green connector was loose, pushed it back in and everything returned to normal! Thanks to whoever posted the original solution. Must have been my wife accidentally kicking the connector and loosening it, that's my story anyway!

November 2014

Another satisfied person , Saved me stress and money. udnerside green connector just needed plugging back in.

September 2014

Same problems; boot open warning, electric windows and mirrors, blower, rear parking warning all out, no temp reading, no double lock. Struggled about 50 miles on v wet night clearing windscreen with random bit of material and rear windows down. Read this advise next day and problem fixed, all working. One multiple wire clip under passenger foot well had been knocked out and trigger switch unclipped. Clipped it back in. Thanks again to all for info, saved a lot of trouble. Drove car today as normal.

August 2014

No fan,wiper or electric windows. Followed advice, and found was the small black/red earth connection to battery. Inserted and crimped slightly longer wire and all OK. Caused by battery, (smaller than normal) sliding when had to swerve violently to avoid car pulling out in front. Many thanks, saved hours of poring over wiring diagrams

Chris B
August 2014

thankyou forum you saved me an awful lot of money green switch had come out and plugged back in hey presto all works ok

faye reid alderton
July 2014

Just had same problem at 2am. Googled fault and found this. Saved an expensive trip to ford

July 2014

Same here, this has saved me alot of hassle. 2005 Focus here and it was the green connector on the underside of the fuse board in passenger footwell.

Thank you :)

March 2014

Thanks saved me cash and stress a connector was dislodged in passenger foot well, same faults as listed no blower air con boot open temp not working. All good now thanks again

March 2014

Thanks a lot. Have 2008 cmax. Passenger must have dislodged connection. Saved me a visit to the garage. Thanks

February 2014

Just wanted to say thanks - this post saved me time and cash. The plug had fallen out as everyone describes. Simple as that.

Huw Davies
February 2014

Regarding Below: The Alarm also kept going off.

My 2009 Ford Focus was displaying the snowflake symbol, heaters stopped working and kept displaying the warning "Bonnet Open" After reading this forum I checked underneath the glovebox and plugged back in a loose connector without dropping the fusebox cover, this thread has saved me a lot of money :) Thanks Peepz!!!

October 2013

My 2009 Ford Focus was displaying the snowflake symbol, heaters stopped working and kept displaying the warning "Bonnet Open" After reading this forum I checked underneath the glovebox and plugged back in a loose connector without dropping the fusebox cover, this thread has saved me a lot of money :) Thanks Peepz!!!

October 2013

Ford c-max 58 plate had Fan/aircon not working, bonnet open warning/alarm kept going off and temperature reading subzero temperatures whatever the weather. Thanks to this forum I looked in the footwell under the passenger dashboard and found the 2 connectors everyone was talking about and one was indeed loose. Reconnected it and all problems fixed. Thank you people, saved me a few quid and the wife thinks I'm a hero.

October 2013

Hi All,
I had the same problem. electric windows and the heaters did not work C-max 54 plate. Fastening mechanism had loosened clipped it back in and problem solved.

Thanks very helpful

January 2013

Many thanks for this forum, saved me an embarrassing visit to my Ford Dealer. Clipped loose cable back in and problem solved. Now need to shorten my sons legs...

Peter Rowe
December 2012

I' ve got a ford focus 05 with bonet open light staying on whenever I start the engine. Then realised the front and rear window washer, the in-car heater fan and the front chair heaters wasn't working.
solution: 1. check all fuse and relays on the passenger side fuse box under the glove compartment, all was fine (refer to the car manual booklet where applicable). 2. investigated around the fuse box for any loose cables, found that one of the plugs was out, clipped it back in and the car was back to normal.

Note: while doing this inspection make sure the engine
is completely off.

Cause of the fault: probably kicked by one of the driver side passengers.

December 2012

Thank you very much, had same problem and after reading your post realised connection had been kicked under fuse box, all sorted now :)

December 2012

Check the connectors under the passenger side dash! We had our local garage look at this, not being a Ford dealer they bridged the R10 and R8 relays with a 30A fuse to get things working and told us we'd need to see a FOrd dealer. I checked the connections under the passenger side dash, there are 2 connectors which are secured by a lever locking mechanism, one of these was loose. I clicked it home, replaced the original relays, everything now works perfectly. We had been looking at a hefty bill, so many thanks for this thread!

Happy Motorist
November 2012

I have the same trouble as above however my car cut out whilst driving and won't start won't even turn over no power at all jump leads won't work won't bump etc I have no main lights just side lights indicators are fine etc but windows won't close wipers don't work fuses look fine just won't kick in help please

September 2012

Thank you !! The same as several other people had report. On my sister's 04-plate C-Max, one of the two connectors underneath the fuse box had come unplugged (probably kicked). The windows, blower, mirrors and washer had all stopped. Now working again! :)

August 2012

same problem on my 2001 focus no wipers no power windows and no blowers, looked under bonnet to find thin black/orange wire from pass side loom on inner wing had snapped off battery put a new connector on and re-earthed to battery and now everything works :))

July 2012

Hi i have a T reg ford focus.
I woke up one morning after all this bad rain we have been having, I started the car and the electric windows, windscreen wipers and the heater were not working, if i drive for about 30 mins they start working again, I took it to the garage and they done a diagnostic test on it and said the ECU needs re programming, i rang ford and they said they don't think its that, but they are charging me to much to look at it i know im a woman but im wasn't born yesterday, another person had said it could be the relay, does any know what it could be because im getting confused with what everyone is telling me. Could do with some advise.

July 2012

Would just like to add my thanks to the long list: has saved me a lot of time and hassle! Much appreciated.

June 2012

Happened to my 2003 Focus TDCi Sport today. Electric window would not go up but fuse ok. Checked and found heater blower, headlamps and wipers also knocked out. Turned out to be a severed auxilliary earth lead off the main earth terminal of the battery. Hope this helps someone!

June 2012

Just had the same with my 57 Focus 1.8 TDCI.

The connector had been kicked out of the passenger footwell fusebox.

Thank you very much for pointing me towards that!

January 2012

thankyou job done saved embarrasing trip to ford!

May 2011

Just wanted to say a huge thanks. I had the same problem whilst driving home tonight. A quick google and found this forum. Te advice to check the wires worked and saved me a cold journey home. Thanks!!

January 2011

Just wanted to say a huge thanks. I had the same problem whilst driving home tonight. A quick google and found this forum. Te advice to check the wires worked and saved me a cold journey home. Thanks!!

January 2011

i have a 05 ford focus my bonnet open light has come on and both electric windows have stopped working in the front do you know how to fix it

August 2010

Brilliant advice...solved problem: Cmax 04 bonnet open warning suddenly didnt work, washer stopped working, no fan window wipers came on by themselves, directly under the fusebox (without dropping the fuse box) there are two clusters of coloured wires each attched to a clip...pushed one in till there was a definate click, and everything works fine again. cant thank you enough :-)

July 2010

Had the same problem - bonnet open warning, no HVAC or windshield wash - checked fuse board in passenger foot well and plug was un-clipped. Great advice. Also I've noticed Engine Management warning light hasn't gone out. Any Ideas?

Andy T
May 2010

Awesome! Just saved myself a packed by taking your advice. Thanks people!

Gary, Glasgow
March 2010

Same problem. Reading this has saved me a stressful morning of checking fuses and a possible trip to the garage. Got it sorted in 30 seconds. Will now have to chop my daughter's feet off.

February 2010

Thanks to all for this advice,just had the same fault and fixed in an instant!

January 2010

Hi All,
I had the same problem. Electric windows, Hot air blower and windscreen wash not working on my 55 plate C-max. The solution above worked, as there was indeed a lead unplugged under the interior fuse box! Many thanls to the original poster.

December 2009

Just had the same problem, garage couldn't fix, diagnostics computer said faulty ambient air temperature guage. Read this positing had a poke under the fuse box, pushed the connector back in and it was fixed.

Thanks a million!

John O'
August 2009

Had same problem at weekend- had a mechanic look at it and he couldnt sort it, thought it was going to be very expensive. One of the small wiring plugs on the underside of the fuse box at been unclipped by passengers big feet- so just clipped it back in as advised and everything worked again. Thanks for the help!

May 2009

Mine had the same problem,but I'd only noticed the bonnet warning light, went to ask advice at local ford dealer who thought I may need a new bonnet latch,and quoted me £120, later realized blower was out too, looked up this piece of advice and bingo,fixed,big thanks.

March 2009

same fault. the bonnet open light comes up on the display and the car wont double lock. the heater fan also stopped working. looked at the fuse box in the passenger footwell and there are two multi wire clips with a trigger fastening mechanism. passenger foot tapping had loosened one of them. clipped it back in and problem solved.

February 2009

I've got the same problem. Most likely due to some boneidle ford employee.

November 2008

Problem resolved loose lead discovered under interior
fuse box.

John Ross
November 2008

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Just saved myself £99. Many thanks for the solution. Took 2 minutes.

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